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Fred E

Fred E
October 11, 2014

When I bought my 10 foot wing span “Big Stick” I was planning on building it and flying it with in
weeks….but as a business owner I found no time for flying the already built R/C planes I had let alone building one from complete scratch. It sat in my garage for months and I would pass it every day wondering what a day it would be to finish it.

I found Nir through a retailer and they said to give him a call, I live in Los Angles and Nir is in Maryland, we are completely on the opposite coasts. I spoke to him and to me he was very confident, honest, to the points and best the price was great.

I shipped it out and throughout the build he kept me updated, if he needed a part he would get it and
charge me later or I would order it and have it sent directly to him. He would send pictures when he got things done.

When he got it done I arranged to fly there and test fly it, granted Nir could fly it for me but he wanted
the owner “me” to fly it, I can respect that and I did so, he welcomed me into Maryland and his home
with his family I stayed. It was a great experience once I saw it, flew it and helped Nir build a crate to
ship it.

Nir will definitely get all of my builds from here on out, the work, experience and niceness of Nir is
unmatched. Just buy the plane, ship it to him, he will ship it back and you have an Almost Ready To Fly plane!

-Fred E

AMR Giant Stik, HiTech Servos, DLE 120 with Canisters