Professionally Built Model Aircraft 

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Bob Pollokoff
February 20, 2012

Nir has built three planes for me to date, including the Aeroworks Ultimate Biplane (50cc) and the Comp-ARF Extra 260 (100cc) that are shown in [these] photos. In addition, he built a PilotRC Sbach (100cc) for me, and helped me with countless repairs. I find his work to be impeccable and pristine. Not only does he have knowledge of model building, but his skills as a pilot are a value to his customers, since he understands the best way to build the plane to make it the most efficient flying machine as possible. After the plane is built, he expertly programmed every aspect of the transmitter setup, including dual rates, expo, travel and throttle movement, as well as the fail-safe programming. For the investment that I make in the cost of the plane, the cost for Nir’s services are invaluable and well worth it.

I have built smaller nitro models, and I do so just to keep myself busy during the winter months; however, when I have any larger scale projects or ones where I need to be sure the plane will fly with precision, I will not hesitate to call on Nir for his expertise.

-Bob Pollokoff